Yerba Buena Lodge was formed on January 1, 2021 by the merger of three Order of the Arrow lodges (Achewon Nimat Lodge 282, Kaweah Lodge 379 and Ut-in Selica Lodge 58). Almost six months earlier, the Alameda Council, Mt Diablo Silverado Council and the San Francisco Bay Area Council would merge their membership to create the Golden Gate Area Council. The roots of Yerba Buena Lodge go back to 1944 when the Order of the Arrow was established in the Bay Area. Yerba Buena is composed of seven Lodges from various Scout councils that have merged over the years. Only Kaweah Lodge from Alameda was not involved in any prior merges. The map below displays the merger history of the various councils and Order of the Arrow lodges of Yerba Buena. Council and Lodge Merger History Matrix:

Yerba Buena Lodge History (Established 2021)

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